Effigy is an independent Death Metal Band from Switzerland. Since the early 90s Effigy played a lot of live shows all over. With a concept of Old-School Death Metal crossbred with Punk, Grunge, Grind and technical elements they aim to inspire the autochthonous Metal-head and also the all-round fan of heavy and interesting music.


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Luciano joined Effigy after the first Singer Mathan had quit the Band in 1994. When he began with guttural singing he was around fifteen years old. His voice is characteristic in deep dirty growls and raspy high pitch screamings.


Most of Franks skills are self-tought but for one year he visited a music school. He is founding member of Effigy. Together with Salvatore he has written most of the songs. In his guitar play there are straight heavy riffs, high solos, a washed-out dirty sound with a lot of dampening deep accords.



Alain learnd his skills as bassist autodidactic. Alain is founding member and plays with Effigy since 1993. First he wanted to play drums but somehow it never happened. So he plays bass guitar now. His style is shown in it’s special accents and the power chords, witch give the sound a capacity.


Matthias began to play drums when he was around twelve years old. He visited a music school for drumming for many years. Aged fifteen he began to play the guitar and started with ear training. He joined Effigy in Summer 2009. His drumming is a mix of old-school heavy parts, fast double bass patterns with short fill-ins, altered Drumm n‘ Bass beats, tight straight parts and blast beats.